Web accessibility

Effective date : July 1st, 2020

  1. 1. Help to users
  2. 2. Kering’s engagement on Digital Accessibility
  3. 3. Digital Accessibility Definition
  4. 4. The Project’s Accessibility Approach


1. Help to users

To facilitate the navigation for the largest possible number of users, we have implemented the following features:

  1. - Skip links to easily reach:
  2. - A site map
  3. - A search engine
  4. - A navigation menu


2. Kering’s engagement on Digital Accessibility

Kering wished to take advantage of the alexandermcqueen.com redesign to commit to a digital accessibility approach.


3. Digital Accessibility Definition

Digital accessibility consists in allowing disabled people to visit and use digital contents. From a practical standpoint, it is a matter of designing a digital service so people navigating on internet with different means of interaction may also use the service. Depending on their needs, users may, for example, use the keyboard or the mouse to navigate on the website, increase texts on screen without losing information or use screen readers or text to speech systems.


4. The Project’s Accessibility Approach

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) were defined to allow organisations to create websites accessible to all. They have been recognised as the international standard for the accessibility of web contents. The most recent version is the WCAG 2.1.

The USA set a specific law concerning digital accessibility and its application. The title III of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) forbids any discrimination based on handicaps. The USA courts specifically refer to the WCAG when demanding the accessibility of web sites.

In Europe, the European directive 2019/882 relative to the accessibility requirements for products and services, adopted on the 17th april 2019, requires for organisations to follow the European standard EN301 549 V2.1.2 (2018-08), which is based on the WCAG.

Therefore, in order to answer to the various laws in place, the alexandermcqueen.com website was created so as to be the most accessible possible, based on the WCAG.

A special attention was paid to provide an accessible service at all of the steps of the project: during the conception, content design, creation of the graphic charter, or even during the development and contents contribution phases. Several accessibility checks were realised at each of these steps, particularly for the entire purchase process.

In order to ensure the conformity of the website to the WCAG, an audit will be realised soon after its release during the summer 2020. However, if you were to encounter an issue to access information or services available on the website, you can contact us at the following email address: accessibilite@kering.com.

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