Fabric Donations

Fabric Donations Initiative

The Alexander McQueen fabric donation scheme redirects surplus house fabrics to students who are studying fashion and textiles at universities, colleges and community education projects throughout the United Kingdom. The scheme was introduced in 2019 to underpin creative education by redistributing surplus materials, from womenswear taffetas to menswear tailoring cloths, which have been leftover and stored after the production cycle.

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A rose-themed multimedia drape workshop delivered in Roses for the Manchester School of Art Foundation course in March 2020 using the fabrics donated by McQueen. McQueen works directly with tutors to supply surplus stock of their choice, much of which has been used in graduate collections, course work and workshops. A variety of Alexander McQueen projects designed to inspire students of all ages is being led by members of our specialist teams to hand on real-life knowledge of draping, pattern-cutting, tailoring, textile construction, embroidery and collection research.

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McQueen also aims to equip school-age children, students and emerging talents with free resources to realise their futures.

Steven Stokey-Daley used McQueen donated fabrics for his BA Fashion AW20 graduate collection at Westminster University in February 2020.