Story Process


To illustrate the fact that creativity emerges from countless perspectives, Alexander McQueen invites a group of twelve artists to express their individual working practices inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2022 women’s pre-collection.

Each artist has chosen a look from the collection and responded to it through their preferred medium, engaging in a creative dialogue with the house. All have been given complete creative freedom resulting in a rich conversation between their work and the selected looks.

The artworks are conceived to be displayed alongside the McQueen pieces they relate to in a temporary installation at 27 Old Bond Street, our London flagship, designed to showcase the individual approaches and the ways in which artworks and looks interact.

This work is born as a result of a solo development

Making a series of small models built as three-dimensional collages based on glued paper, ‌ magazine clippings, epoxy resin and fiberglass. It began in the midst of the pandemic, and perhaps for this reason it is about absent faces and ‌broken memories. The work takes a long time to execute, placing successive material layers where each one of them provides new information, ‌gives more life. It is my first three-dimensional pictorial work so it is maybe the beginning of a new stage. The materials interest me as a field‌ of research and not as formal results. This exercise, especially thanks to the intensive use of colour as a three-dimensional material, ‌opens new doors, new research.


Meet The Artists Of Process 2022

Each presents their unique perspective on a given piece from the pre-autumn winter collection.

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